Siren Fish & Reptiles
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Siren is a full-line "classic" exotics pet store. Of course we carry reptiles and freshwater fish, but we also have birds and small mammals, live feeders, supplies,
and anything else you might need for your non-cat-or-dog pet. If we don't have it and we can get it, we'll order it for you!

We're located on 18 N. 1st Street between Santa Clara and St John. We're between the VTA office and the San Jose Ballet Academy.
We are able to validate up to 2 hours of parking in any city lot (with the Pv logo) -- the closest one is on Market Street.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter; we post a lot of updates, stock lists, and photos of new inventory there.

Contact information:
Address: 18 N 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95113 (cross street: E Santa Clara St.)
Phone: (408) 271-9422
Hours: Open Tuesday-Sunday, 12 PM-7 PM
[email protected]