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Siren Fish & Reptiles is proud to announce that we now offer reptile birthday parties!

Have the most unique party on your block with wild and wonderful critters in your own backyard!

Meet our scaly stars! These are our friendliest animals that really love meeting people that always go out with us when we do events.

Totem is an adult female ball python (Python regius). She is very sweet and friendly, and loves to be held. She has had several very pretty babies for us!

Tiresias is also a ball python (Python regius), but she is a very special one. She is completely blind. She was born with eyes, but they shriveled up when she was a baby, and now she can't see at all. But she gets around, finds food, and drinks her water just as well as her sisters who have eyes.

Kirsch is a male bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps). He is what is called a "red phase" beardie -- wild bearded dragons from Australia are brown and tan colors, like the sand they live on. He loves to eat bugs, but also fresh vegetables and fruits.

Launchpad is a female three-toed box turtle (Terrapene carolina triunguis). She is still a baby, and will get bigger, about the size of a coffee saucer as an adult. She loves hay and vegetables, but also likes to eat bugs and earthworms. She moves much faster than most people expect!

Pixel, QWERTY, and Freckle are crested geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus). They are soft lizards who feel like suede leather, and they love to jump! They do not have eyelids, so they can't blink to keep their eyeballs wet -- so they lick them with tongues! Sometimes, they lose their tails (like Freckle), and if they do, they never grow them back.

Chi is a male Kenyan Sand boa (Eryx colubrinus). Sand boas are small desert snakes that use their rough tails to "swim" through the sand. Chi is nearly full grown at a little over a foot long, but female sand boas get twice his size.

Fresca is a female Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor (Boa Constrictor Imperator). She is still a baby, and might get to be eight feet or more, and over 50 pounds, full grown! Unlike most snakes, boa constrictor's tongues are black!

Fanta is a female corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus). In the wild, corn snakes are mostly orange and brown, but Fanta is an "amelanistic" or "red albino", which means she does not have any black pigment at all. Corn snakes are very active, and VERY fast moving!

Birthday parties involve a very brief educational component about each animal, and plenty of hands-on time for the children to touch all of the critters.

Party rates:

Small party -- $300
Small parties run roughly an hour. They are for up to 15 children, and include one handler and 6-8 of the listed "scaly stars" animals.

Large party -- $500
Select a 90 minute large party if you are going to invite 16 or more more children, OR if you just want more critters! Large parties will have 2 handlers, and a total of 12-14 animals. All of the "scaly stars" animals will come visit, plus 4-6 additional species of our choice.

Party rates include transportation to any location within 45 miles of downtown San Jose. There is an additional $50/30 mile surcharge for locations outside of the 45 mile radius.

No animals that are sick or in shed will be brought to parties. Substitutions of the same species will be made where possible, if no other animals of the same species are available, a similar species will be selected. We are happy to customize our animal selection for "no snake" or "snake only" parties.

Contact information:
Address: 18 N 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95113 (cross street: E Santa Clara St.)
Phone: (408) 271-9422
Hours: Open Tuesday-Sunday, 12 PM-7 PM
[email protected]